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About us

Welcome to Lanzarote Plumber, we have lived in Lanzarote for over 20 years now and been working as a Qualified Plumber ( received all qualifications from Salford Further Education of Technoligy. Manchester) Many years ago.
I have a Wife and children, all children were born in Lanzarote.
We have been doing property management and maintanance for sometime now which in this time we now have formed a team of proffesional trades which we can now offer and cover with just a contact to our Plumber.If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate and contact us on our contact page or the mobile number on the home page which will take you directly to the english plumber.
We do all plumbing work from Boilers,Pumps and burst pipes, to Solar panels for swimming pools and Hot water solar systems.